Sunday, November 30, 2008

A week in review....

Things have certainly run away from me lately. We've done some exciting things recently (well exciting for me anyway ;)) and I'd like to document them so bear with me while I ramble about our week.

Last weekend a colleague of the Hero's was in town for some meetings and brought his lovely wife along. The Hero has known him for many years but this is the first chance that I have had to meet his sweet wife. It was great to have some intelligent conversation and great company. We went out to dinner Friday night and then on Saturday attended an event with them.

Saturday night brought one of those moments that confirms many things that you know in your heart but are not sure if you are seeing things from out of your own love and appreciation for someone you love or out of something more unbiased. My heart was full of pride as I watched my Hero in his element. He has the respect of many in his industry and Saturday night made it so evident to me just how high they hold him in esteem. I'm so very proud of him and all that he has accomplished. He was asked to meet with the minister in charge of fire services for our province and make a presentation to other ministers. It was a wonderful social event and for those of us in Hazzard who aren't used to seeing firefighters shown gratitude and appreciation it was heart warming to know that it exists out there somewhere. Speaking of Hazzard, it was interesting to have confirmed, straight from the horses mouth so to speak, all we already knew about the situation with Cruella and her minions and their razing of our department. It brought me great joy to hear directly from the minister in charge of our heroes the direction that the fire service needs to be taking. It was not the least bit surprising to us to hear that everything that Cruella had pulled and claimed was true went completely against the direction our province is taking in regards to this area of service. I have to admit that after all our family has been through that it brought about some personal satisfaction but it also makes me even more fearful for those that we still care about that are on the department (they may be busy maligning the Hero and others like him but we still pray for their safety).

I can't remember if I told you all but I'm now on the executive for both the PTA and the Parent Council of our Elementary school. This past week was my first official meeting as such and with that came doing cookie dough orders and setting up another fundraising initiative for the school. It was good to feel useful and be around other people who genuinely care about the direction of our school. I'm looking forward to working with these women and the Hero (who is still Chair of PC). It looks like I will be administrating this new fundraising initiative for now and I hope that my body holds out for me and I have good days on those days that I need to work through all the paperwork. I'm also thankful for a sensible person to work alongside. We've lived in Hazzard for about the same amount of time and we've made about the same amount of friends here. LOL It's good to know it's the way of Hazzard rather than just me. She is a non-gossipy type person and a straight shooter so I think we will enjoy working together.

This weekend we got together with what is left of our fire department family. It was really great to see everyone again. I love that we still have such respect and warm hugs for each other. We had a fabulous dinner at a great restaurant and it was good to be in the company of dear ones again. We look forward to our next get together in the new year.

Today we are going to get the house set up for Christmas. We put the tree up yesterday to make sure all the lights worked and will get it decorated today. It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit as the weather has been unseasonably warm and we've yet to have snow that sticks. The crew is very excited about decking the halls and it should be a great family time together. The Hero jets off to the wet coast for a few days this week so it will be good to spend this day enjoying each other.

If you are still reading you are likely procrastinating something, are suffering from insomnia or are jacked up on caffiene. ;) I appreciate your visit to our life and hope that you take some time today to show those around you that they are appreciated. Do something that will bring you and those you love some JOY!!

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