Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's been too long.

With all the excitement of our move I forgot my password and couldn't get in to work on my blog. Now that I finally took the time to sort that out I can post again. I know, I know, I'm far too young for senility to have such a hold on my brain.

We are all settled in PC and so happy to be a family under the same roof again. The Hero is doing amazing in his new position and we are so proud of him. The kids have adjusted to school and keep me hopping.

Iceman has been so crazy lately with his tales. He claims that there is a teacher at school that "hates" all the kids. I've met them all and can assure you they are lovely people who deserve a medal for all they do for the Kindergarten class. He came home Monday asking me to write letters to every parent, except Whyat's mom, to tell them to get their kids to stop following him and Whyat everywhere. I explained that they probably wanted to play because they play such fun games. Iceman said "We only play boring games and we are not cool. They just want to bug us all the time." Seems we need to talk about being friends with everyone some more. He also thinks he is 2nd in command at The Hero's office and called for an ambulance to be present at their skating outing yesterday. He informed his teachers that his Dad would be there in case anyone got hurt. They get a real kick out of him and say he is a little burst of sunshine in their day.

Turtle lives in the land of the terrible threes and everyone there is named Lucas, including the girls. He goes from loving them all to being upset because they are copying his painting of the potty. LOL. Isaac and him have a love/hate relationship which either warms my heart or has me pulling my hair out. Typcial brothers I suppose.

La Diva is gearing up for the annual birthday extravaganza. She is having her party on the 11th and has decided that she can go all out on the Valentine theme again because it hasn't been done in PC. So far 4 of the 11 girls she invited are coming. She has started piano again and is enjoying it. Curling wraps up for her and Kodiak the end of the month. They have loved it. La Diva plays lead and Kodiak is usually 2nd. They are looking forward to watching the Olympics curling and snowboarding.

Kodiak is getting to that preteen age and has some moments that make me long for that sweet baby boy. I'm sure we will get through them alright. He has really liked curling and has been thrilled to be near the mountains so he can snowboard again.

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