Saturday, September 22, 2007

Favorite Things

I haven't been very inspired to blog lately as I've been dealing with pain from my wisdom teeth removal. It has been the most tedious of healings ever. I have pain that radiates in my jaw, my sinuses and the other day even my ear ached. I'm on antibiotics for possible infection. Aleve and Percocet make it tolerable and I sleep like a log which is a bonus for the poor Hero who is usually dealing with my tossing and turning.

Here are a few of my favorite things - some make my life easier, some taste great, some are guilty pleasures, some are great gift ideas.

Westham Island Estate Wines. My favorites are blackberry, snogoose and their fabulous pumpkin dessert wine. We found this treasure while on holidays this summer. Cheers!

Method Home Aroma Sticks make my house smell great and they don't aggravate anyone's allergies.

Method Home Wipes in any scent make cleaning my bathrooms an easy daily occurrence.

Nellies Dryer Balls have helped cut down my drying time immensely. My clothes are no longer covered in animal tallow and fragrance, no static, better for the enviroment.

Lash Exact Mascara No clumping!

Wish Upon a Necklace Great gift idea for teachers, teens, friends, sisters, etc.

Coastal Goods I received a few things as a gift last year and I'm hooked. Fantastic quality seasonings for all the foodies you know.

Carrot and Stick Press Gorgeous letter pressed stationary. I love, love these.

Swoon Candles My favorite scent is Violet cocoa. Another thing I received as a gift and fell in love with.

Cell FX This has totally changed my quality of life. I was having horrible bouts of pain to the point of making it difficult to do much but sit or lie down. I went to the doctor and got the run around. My Hero is a die hard Cold FX user so I decided to give this product a try. My bouts of pain are few and far between and when they come it is most likely because I have missed some doses of the Cell FX. I'm so thankful for this product. It has improved my life 10,000 times over.

Ganache for Lips No lips should be without this lip balm. YUM-O!

Honey I washed the Kids Soap

Trichomania Shampoo Bar I bought this for La Diva and was very skeptical about the whole shampoo bar concept. I tried it a few times and it is fabulous. It totally changed the condition of my hair. This is great stuff!!

Flying Fox shower gel The smell is like an aphrodisiac. Nuff said.

Butterball Bath Bomb A necessity of winter.

Jake's World Famous Tartar Sauce To. die. for.

MEC Windstopper N2S Gloves These rock!! My hands are warm, they are thin enough to stuff in my pockets and they look sexy.

Ergodyne Work Gear I haven't tried these yet but the Hero says it is better than Under Armor. He is in love and they have a cool slogan on the clothes as well "Be Tenacious".

MEC Seamless Boxer Briefs Another recommendation from the Hero. He has an almost disturbing case of love for these. I have tried the women's version but sadly my ample behind needs to shrink a bit more to fit into them in a manner that I would find comfortable.

Almay Nearly Naked Touch-Pad Liquid Makeup
I ran out of my normal foundation and then Wally World was out of my shade. I was desperate as I was scraping the corners of what I had left. So I decided to give this a try and I love it so much that it will be my new foundation. It covers great and it doesn't feel like you have anything on your face. If I didn't have raccoon eyes from getting my contacts out (don't ask) I probably would forget I had makeup on and not wash my face at night. It is that light!

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  1. I love your list! Can we go shopping now!?