Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 10 favorite things of 2008

1. Our Keurig coffee maker. Love, love, love this thing. The only complaint is no Starbucks K-cups yet, blasted Tassimo people have them.

2. The Conair Infiniti Hot Air Styler. This has saved me so much pain in doing my hair with my fibro. I can dry and straighten at once and only need to lightly go over my hair with my flat iron. Love this tool!

3. Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans. They are delicious and so addicting. We found ours at Costco.

4. The Magic Bullet!!! Get your mind out of the gutter. LOL The Hero was a little confused when I said I was buying a magic bullet because Canadian Tire had them on sale. It's small, powerful and makes the best smoothies.

5. Curvetech tank tops from Mark's They have built in bras, hold up great when you wash and hang to dry. Are awesome for layering and keep the girls where they are supposed to be. The Denver Hayes yoga line is also very comfy.

6. The new socks that are infused with Vitamin E or Aloe. I have some fun stripey ones that are in cotton and not like those fuzzy spa ones you normally see. Mine came from Marks but I've seen the fuzzy spa ones at Avon, Bath and Body Works and other places. My feet get some TLC just by wearing socks.

7. Microfiber plush blankets. We love them. Each of the kids have them on their beds. The littles actually sleep on top of them instead of underneath them because they love the snuggly feeling so much. One of the frustrating symptoms of my torment is getting cold so I have a couple of these hidden away in our ottoman in the living room and we all snuggle up in them. We bought ours at Costco.

8. Sultan Flokenes mattress. We desperately needed a new mattress and with my fibro we wanted to get something that would insure I get the best chance at a good night's rest. We shopped around and tried everything from high end top of the line ones to these ones at IKEA. I found this IKEA mattress to be more comfortable than the doctor recommended one for fibro at a specialty mattress shop. Bonus is that it was a fraction of the cost. The Hero also likes it which is great because we are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum in what we want from a mattress.

9. The Shack. There has only been one other work of fiction that has impacted my life so greatly. I laughed, I wept, my heart broke into a million pieces and then was put back together again. I am so thankful for what happened in me through this book. I know there is a ton of controversy out there over this book and I admit that is partly why I wanted to read it for myself. Rev. Lang endorsed it and that alone gave me the courage to read it. I have the utmost respect for him and his family as I've seen them take a horrific tragedy and turn that pain into ministry. I'm so blessed that I made the choice to read this powerful book. God used it to move me in ways I have yet been able to put to paper.

10. Alternative medicine and a medical doctor who is open to me trying these things. I have found so much relief and healing by taking this path. I'm so thankful that there are alternatives to modern medicine that have helped me and my torment.


  1. How fun! Can't wait to see more and I'm totally sold on the Keurig.

  2. Oh, The Shack! I'm in the middle of it now. It's great!!!!