Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where are you Spring???

Went to farmer's market today. Not many plant vendors braving the cold but I did come home with 3 orange begonias and some gorgeous torenia called gilded grape- yellow with lovely purple throats. Wandered the greenhouse at Canadian Tire but didn't find anything that caught my eye- price point or plant quality. I'm on the hunt for lime green petunias, my neighbor found some but I have not been as lucky. We have frost warnings again tonight but the weather is supposed to take a turn for the better this weekend.... about dang time. Our summer is short enough around here without having such a crappy spring. blah!

I have the following plants waiting to get outside:

morning glory
million kisses begonias
love lies bleeding
english daisies

as well as some perennials from my neighbor that I have yet to identify that are in buckets on my back deck.

My gardening to do list:

buy more annuals
increase size of shade bed
build raised beds for perennials off back deck
add compost and peat to my veggie bed
plant my veggie garden
dig out pots and window boxes from storage


  1. I'm very impressed with your gardening skills. :) I'm just a dreamer.

  2. Your gardens must look amazing! I need some of your garden wisdom, if your willing to share... so my black thumb has made another appearance this year. What do I do, all my peppers and tomatoes got frosted. Apparently I'm the only person here that missed the frost warnings. They're all shrivilled up, do I pull them and start again? Or is there hope they might come back?

  3. Sorry Tricia for some reason your comment was lost in the blogosphere and I'm just now seeing it. If you haven't already done so I suggest going to your greenhouse and buying new plants. Sorry about the frost. I was covering my plants and hauling hanging baskets in for the better part of June. We've had such a bizarre spring.

  4. Thanks Ker! I pulled them all except one strange pepper plant that I'm pretty sure survived! I bought a ton of new ones and it actually looks better, so a blessing I guess. Hopefully summer is here to stay! :)