Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kodiak future Soccer Star!!

I thought soccer season was over but it looks like we may have a star in the making. Kodiak's Coach(also Coach for the HS) says he has huge potential and recommended that we put him in the summer league in the Hat. He loves to play, works really hard and could be an excellent player with some more coaching. The league out here is pretty much just for fun and appears to be an after school babysitting service for most of the kids. Kodiak is really keen to play so we are going to look into getting him in summer league. The upside is that they don't have the 6 am practices like hockey and the equipment is pretty cheap. I think it will be awesome for his self-esteem too.The rain is still coming down in sheets. I never thought I'd see puddles in the gravel down here in the southern desert. I hope that it clears up by the weekend or I will have 6 disappointed 10 year old boys to deal with. Kodiak is having his Wild and Wet Birthday Bash on Saturday. The plan is a water fight the likes of which this tiny community has never seen. So far the forecast is only predicting scattered showers for Saturday.

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