Monday, June 20, 2005

Iceman goes to Kindergarten

Orientation Day for Kindergarten Posted by Hello

I can hardly believe it, another bunny is ready to leave the Hutch and go to school. Waaaaaaahhhhh!! They are growing up way too fast. Iceman was very excited to go to ECS Orientation on the 15th. He choose his wardrobe - jeans and a spiderman shirt, put in his request for his lunch menu- PBJ, carrots and dip, cookie, juice box and "nola bar", packed his backpack and was ready to go with his older sibs first thing in the morning. "Is it time to go?" was the mantra until 10:00 am finally rolled around. Turtle was devasted that Iceman was leaving him. Iceman of course was all talk about how he was going to go and see the Principal and let him know that there should be no girls in his class. After the room started to fill he was less sure of me leaving him. Miss U read the Kissing Hand and then had them say their goodbyes. He did very well and can't wait until September when he can go again. Helping Turtle cope with Iceman being away made it easier for me to let him go. Of course a new Batman shirt made it all better for Turtle.


  1. Carmen7:20 p.m.

    You are such a brave Mommy! He'll do great!

  2. Hannah had her registration today and was very excited! She can't wait for summer pre-K to begin next month.

    Her mama, however, is still in *deep* denial that her babies are gowing up...