Tuesday, July 05, 2005

And the Award goes to.....

Excellence in French Posted by Picasa

Kodiak received an award for Excellence in French with a 92% average. This is a huge deal because this was his least favorite subject and one he really struggled with. His French teacher (not pictured) said that he really has a natural ability for languages. We are really proud of his accomplishments. His report card was also impressive with A's and B+'s. Off to grade 5... gulp...

Citizenship Award Posted by Picasa

La Diva had an amazing year in Grade 2. Her teacher was fantastic, so much so that I wrote a letter to the principal about her. La Diva really cashed in at the awards ceremony with medals for: Honours, the Citizenship Award and a silver in Music. Her report card was straight A's and she is off to grade 3. Of course we are very proud of her as well.

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  1. Hey guys i'm so proud of both of you for doing so well in school keep it up