Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Freedom's Excellent Adventure

Saturday was quite the day for Freedom. The Hero's mom and sister were visiting from the west coast so we went into the city for the day to go swimming. It was a lovely day in the city but apparently there were wicked thunderstorms out here in the sticks. To say that Freedom is not fond of loud booming noises would be an understatement. Poor baby was terrified and shredded the screen door to the patio trying to get into the house. She also chewed the handle right off trying to open the screen. She then bolted over the 5 foot fence and went off in search of us. She made it half way to the city but only stayed at this place for about 30 minutes. We arrived home 6 hours after this spotting of her to find the screen shredded and Freedom gone. Panic ensued... Kodiak trying to be the big man but worrying himself silly. It took over an hour to reach the fellow who had left the earlier message about her. It was very frustrating to then discover that he didn't think to tie her up and she'd taken off. The Hero and a friend went out looking for her and they had just made it to where she was last seen when I received a call saying she was at a farm about 2.5 kms north of our house. The Hero turned around and retrieved a soaking wet and sorry dog. She was very happy to be home. Other than some runs from who knows what she ate and drank during her countryside tour she came away unscathed. We hope that this doesn't mean we have to tie her up whenever thunder may be in the forecast. We are very happy to have her home.

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  1. Poor Freedom : (

    We had a dog like that once - absolutely terrified at the slighest rumble of thunder (much like myself, back in the day). Sugar was a bassett hound and boy, did she and I make a great pair during a midnight thunderstorm - huddled under my 2 heavy quilts, shaking madly, whining, me sweating profusely...it's a wonder we didn't suffocate our sorry selves!

    One stormy night when I was away at college, she managed to get her long, low, overweight self up onto the kitchen counter; where she proceeded to run amok in a complete panic. My parents awoke and thought that some noisy idiot was burglarizing the house!

    Sadly, Sugar died a week before I graduated from college - she panicked during a thunderstorm, and ran into the path of a car.

    I'm so glad that Freedom is OK and back home with her loving family!