Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to School

It's first day of school at the Hutch.  Summer seemed to alternately fly by and drag on for us.  The past couple of weeks have been a bit painful with boredom setting in for the older 2.  I think we were all ready for school to begin.  Summer was fun but our family does better on routine and organization that seems to come with fall. 

 I did really well with my baby heading to grade 1, not even a tear from either of us.  Turtle really loves school and I know he is ready to be there.    He was a bit worried as his two best buddies will not be in the same class this year.  However, I was happy to see some of the really great boys in his room and when the Principal's kids are in the same classroom you kind of put aside any doubts that his teacher will measure up.

Iceman went off to his class before I had Turtle settled. The Hero got sidetracked by the VP on our way into the school, the joys of being Parent Council Chair.  When we caught up with him he was giving us the thumbs up because he'd tied his shoes without trouble.  This was one of his big accomplishments this summer.  He's known to give up when things are "too hard" but pushed through this challenge so he could wear his cool new Adidas runners to school.  I think that his teachers will be a good fit for him this year.  He has had Mrs. L the past 2 years for music and last year Mrs. F was his teacher for the extra help he needed for reading.  He is comfortable with both of them and they are aware of his challenges.  I'm praying that he will not be saddled with the bullies from last year in his room.  When we left him there was no sign of either so far so I hope that means they will be in the other class (a male teacher in that room that puts up with no baloney).

La Diva is familiar with her grade 6 teacher as she had her for Math last year.  She is looking forward to being back at school and starting all her activities again.  She was getting very bored towards the end of the summer.  She likes the social aspect of school a lot and works hard at her studies as well.  She flipped her hair and waved goodbye before we got to the school doors.  I hope that she has a great year without the drama of the mean girls.
Kodiak was anxious to get back and has enjoyed the past week with all of his posse back in town.  He is glad to not be the bottom of the school this year and is looking forward to what grade 8 has in store for him.  He was back into routine this morning too with dog walking and dishwasher emptying done without a reminder.  The Hero and I were left scratching our heads because this was not something he seemed able to remember during the summer.  heh.  

It is only a half day today so it won't be long before they will be back and starving.  I guess I should plan some lunch.    

Perhaps my lack of sleep of late has made me numb to that fact that all my bunnies are out of the the Hutch all day this year. It could be that I'm finally ready for a new season in my life to begin.

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  1. Yah for the first day of school. Do you have anything special planned for yourself Ker? I am blown away by how long a summer holiday your kiddos have! Great pictures BTW, I can't beleive how fast everyone is growing!