Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are Americans really this stupid?

What an offensive piece of "news". I imagine they would be the first to come running to Canada for sanctuary if they were ever required to serve in their military. I can't believe that with all they have to worry about in the US right now that they find it newsworthy to mock the honorable men and women that serve in Canada's military and RCMP. I'm proud to be Canadian and thankful for the huge sacrifices that our troops have made.

UPDATE: The host has apologized. Doug Benson appearance at a comedy club in Edmonton, home to one of our Canadian Forces bases, has been canceled by the club. Guess it's not so hilarious now.


  1. What some people will say for a laugh! Boo on them!

  2. Don't worry Ker, this is Fox News, not real news (and not so fondly referred to as Faux News). They wrote the book on mean-spirited stupidity.