Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So incredibly thankful

The Hero has been passionate about firefighting and emergency services since he was a kid. He has thrown himself out of helicopters into forest fires, he has helped with an oilwell blowout, he has fought numerous fires in fields, forests, houses, industrial situations, vehicles etc. I know he knows his stuff. He also sells and wears the best safety gear available to firefighters. I try to put aside the dangers that come along with his passion. I try to just trust that he knows what he is doing and that God will keep him safe.

On Saturday I got that phone call with those words that a firefighters wife never wants to hear "I got hurt". The rollercoaster of emotions in a matter of seconds was very intense. The colour draining from my face and the tone of my voice was enough to even cause my tween to notice that something wasn't right. The Hero was in a house fighting the fire (that's my job he says. You are a volunteer and don't have to be a hero, I think.) and while trying to do his job a gigantic rock star like speaker that was mounted on the ceiling fell onto his foot. They originally thought it was an old school big box tv but after investigation in daylight discovered it was a gianormous speaker. He did not break his foot but crushed the ligaments which the doctor said will be more painful than a break. He has to stay off his feet for a week, his foot is very swollen and it hurts (more than he will ever let on). He has some killer drugs to take but they have him stoned into the next day so he doesn't like to take them at all.

Thankfully it wasn't life threatening. It will be a lesson in patience for my man who is used to going a million miles an hour. I'm just getting past the busyness and shock of it all and realizing how incredibly blessed we are that it wasn't worse and that it is something he will recover from without lasting ramifications. I'm thanking God for His protection of my Hero.


  1. ((((( hugs ))))) to you and the hero!

    John was fighting a vehicle fire at work during an ice storm last January, and had to be taken to the clinic for chest pain. A battery of tests followed - considering his age and the history of his torn aorta. Thankfully, he was OK and the pain was attributed to illness, the stress of the weather, etc.

    Hoping Troy is happily stoned and not giving you too much trouble! Get well soon, hero!

    H <(((><

  2. No one in the northwest is happier for our Hero than me. I just cannot imagine.