Thursday, November 15, 2007

25 Things you may not know about me

I have a friend that has a 100 things list on her blog (hey Shannon) but I think I may have trouble coming up with 25 let alone 100. I'll give it a shot. Let's see if I surprise anyone.

  1. I love to read cookbooks. Yes read them. Sometimes I cook from them too but mostly I read.
  2. I hate socks but as I age I have to wear them more often than I care to because my feet freeze.
  3. I like to pop zits.
  4. I cannot properly make anything that requires rolled dough. I have a severe handicap when it comes to rolling dough.
  5. I cannot make puffed wheat squares to save my life, they are either hard as rocks or do not stick together. I can make just about anything else but not something as simple as this.
  6. I have a love affair with purses but in these past years I rarely buy them. However, I drool over them and spend much time looking at them in the stores.
  7. I have a card problem. I've been better the last 2 years with no Winners nearby to raid on a regular basis. I used to clean out the clearance rack of stationary very often. I love note cards. I love paper. It makes me happy to open my metal container that stores them all. I can kill some serious time in a Hallmark store or any store that has paper. I love to go to scrapbook stores to drool over the paper but I can't scrap to save my life.
  8. I love wine and could drink a glass daily but I don't.
  9. My favorite sweet treat is white chocolate almond bark.
  10. I have created a cookbook of all my favorite recipes. It is on the computer but I have not made a hard copy of it.
  11. I played alto saxophone for 6 years. I also played organ.
  12. I used to speak fluent french but I can barely keep up to a bilingual speech in parliament anymore.
  13. I did my first income tax return at 12 but my dreams of becoming an accountant were crushed by my Math 10 teacher. Thanks Mr. Tucker. I've struggled with math ever since.
  14. I'd love to run a B&B one day.
  15. I am not a cat person at all. I don't even like Garfield. Bling Bling Kitty is the only exception but she is mostly human.;)
  16. I cannot stand for anyone to touch my belly button.
  17. I hate to vacuum.
  18. I collect nativities and Christmas angels.
  19. I have a bread problem. I love great rustic breads but my body doesn't love them. I've gotten a handle on it but I yearn to eat a loaf of dark rye or sourdough every now and then.
  20. I love cheese. I have not met a cheese that I didn't like. mmmmmmmmmm .... Cheese!
  21. I have zero tolerance for out of control children and no respect for the parents that have created them. Yes I know mine are not perfect. Trust me I'm far from perfect as well. I also know some children have special issues. I just have no tolerance for wildness and disrespect.
  22. I have really good discernment. I can see things in situations or people that others don't see. If I had to rate my accuracy it would be in the 94% range.
  23. I was born with black hair. It fell out when I was a few months old and came back blonde. Now it is whatever color I feel like which is mostly red with various highlights and lowlights.
  24. I hate driving. In a perfect world I would have a chauffeur.
  25. I want to write a book on parenting/being a wife one day.

That was hard. There is no way I could do 100. Can you do 25?? I'd love to see your list.


  1. not really any surprises here.... except to say I would love a copy of your cookbook when you publish!!

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