Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Winter is coming. So far the snow has not been sticking. Today the wind was bitter cold and howling. Everyone was complaining but we are pretty lucky to not have snow. I hate this limbo time of year. I love autumn, all the colors, the beautiful weather and especially getting back into routine after a summer of freedom. Then comes late October and November... the trees are naked save for a few tenacious leaves hanging on for dear life, the ground is brown, the plants have been pulled or have gone into hibernation, the wind is bitter and the sun spends more days hiding than coming out to play. It is the gray, gloominess that gets me down. As much as I dread the cold that comes with the snow I appreciate the blue skies and sunshine. Right now I'm deprived of the sun and it's making me grumpy.

While I'm waiting for the season to change I'm going to try to change my attitude about this time of year. I really want to hide under the covers until the sun starts shining again. I don't feel like doing my daily chores or being around people. But I'm going to do my best to push through this mini season of gloom and look forward to the season to come.

Looking forward and making some changes:

  1. Change blog template, this seems bright and happy to me right now.
  2. Stop being in denial that the year is almost over and Christmas is almost here.
  3. Get back on track with my exercising. I've done really well and lost almost 20 lbs since September!! I'm feeling great but I've been slacking on my exercise. I need to stay motivated despite the gloomy gray clouds.
  4. Stop making excuses and call to volunteer with the local organization to help families in need this Christmas.
  5. Get my gift list sorted out.
  6. Make my baking lists.
  7. Plan date night.
  8. Finish my 100 list.
  9. Find something to wear to the Christmas Gala.
  10. Start decorating.
  11. Blog more regularly.
That should be plenty to help me focus on the good stuff and stop wallowing in the blah of this limbo non-season of gray.

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