Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mean Girls Update

La Diva's teacher had another talk with the girls.  Friday night she was invited to see High School Musical 3 with a group of her classmates.  She also decided to attend the party on Saturday night.  She had a good time both nights.  The BFF was at the Friday night event and was moody and difficult, causing her hostess to cry.  La Diva is starting to see her for who she really is and has learned a hard lesson.  I pray that this is the beginning of less trying times for her.  Thanks for all of your prayers.


  1. La Diva is a resourceful, intelligent and funny girl. She will be alright! Even though it is so hard for you to see her struggle, she is growing in her own way, she is becoming the person she was meant to be. All the bumps and stumbles, all the times that you and the Hero, and her brothers and her friends have caught her, all of those things are making her who she is. You have a remarkable family that provides a safe place for her to fall. Everyone falls sometimes, it's not the magnitude of the fall that counts, it's the quality of the getting up!

    All of the rah! rah! aside, if you want me to come up there and teach those mean girls a thing or two, I'd be happy to!

  2. Hopefully things will be looking up for her soon. Hugs and prayers.