Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 on the 12th

It's that time again and once again I don't have pictures to show for my day. Here are my 12:

1. Massage therapy with my angel Joyce.

2. Grocery shop.

3. Lunch with the Hero.

4. Put groceries away. Repackaged bulk meat.

5. Prepared fruit tray for Turtle's class party.

6. Had a surprise visit from my Dad, he was on his way back from a conference in Kananaskis. He brought me roses for Valentine's Day. He has rarely missed a year since I can remember.

7. Organized valentines for all the classes and packaged the cookie lollipops for Iceman's party.

8. Helped Turtle make a goodbye card for twin classmates that are moving to a school in the next county.

9. Made supper - BBQ steak, roasted baby potatoes, sauteed mushrooms with garlic, delish tossed salad with grape tomatoes, yummy lettuce, red onion and feta.

10. Off to have a bath..... always a good idea after a massage to help the lymphs drain... while the Hero puts the littles to bed.

11. Watched the Office and dvred Greys Anatomy.

12. Have some snuggle time with the Hero.

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