Saturday, February 07, 2009

another blog

I'm contemplating starting another blog about my torment. I don't think everyone (my vast readership lol) wants to read about my ups and downs during the process (it often feels like I'm whining) so I do not post about them here as much as I would like to. I feel like I need a place to put a lot of it as well as a way to track my days... good and bad, how my body responds to different treatments, etc. Honestly, sometimes I need to just bitch and moan about it. I've tried a few groups for fibro/chronic pain but everyone is to involved dealing with their own issues that there isn't a lot of activity. What you get is no response to your own issues and are left with a bunch of whining posts with little to no encouragement in return. So maybe having my own diary of my struggles and victories is better than being a part of some of the groups? What do you think, should I put my journey through Fibro'myhell'gia somewhere else or keep it here?

sorry for the missing words, I'm having a foggy day and the drugs don't help any. I think I caught them all but I'm hoping you can read between the lines heh


  1. Its up to you. I don't think there is a problem with keeping it here, and honestly I wish you would moan and bitch more about it. Then I would get a greater window into how things are. what ever you decide you have me on your side.

  2. I agree with Janine - I think keeping here keeps it in the context of your life. I'll read you wherever you go, and cheer for you and think of you regardless....


  3. I'm with you with whatever you decide to do.