Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm so proud of this boy. I'm always proud of him but this week has been one of those stellar weeks for him personally. First off, he was called to the Principal's office (which totally freaked him out because that has never happened before) and asked to be one of the torch runners for the Winter Games that are coming up next month. He was one of four chosen from his school (grades 7-12) so that was a huge honor for him. He is very excited as he gets a games track suit and this huge honor.

In the mail this week we received a Standard of Excellence award for Kodiak. This came as a result of his provincial achievement tests from last year. We went through plenty of frustration preparing for these standardized tests which don't count an iota towards their school year. ( I promise not to go off on that rant today.) This made it all the sweeter for him to receive recognition for his hard work.

Kodiak also advised us that his math average for this term so far is 93%. Thank you Mrs. W, the best math teacher ever from last year for preparing him so well for success in Jr. High.

He will head off on his first school trip later this month to go boarding in the mountains. There is only 1 other boy in his grade going and the rest will be older kids. To say I am stressing about this is an understatement. I'm trying not to let him know how hard it is for me to let him go. He is a really great kid and I know he will make wise choices during the weekend. He has such a great desire to go out and see the world that I know that this trip is nothing in the scope of what may come. My mind just goes off onto crazy street thinking about avalanches, mob mentality crazed teenagers, broken bones, him getting lost and not knowing what to do, all those worries that come with sending one of the bunnies out of the hutch.


  1. Way to go Kodiak! Your boy has a good head and a kind heart~ He will have a wonderful weekend.

  2. melhouse2:54 p.m.

    I think we'll all someday be saying we knew him when....

    He's a great person, Ker. Be proud.