Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My secret identity.

On Saturday I was shopping with my cousin. I finally found the most adorable baby outfit for sweet Olivia. I don't know when all the baby clothes turned into miniature versions of grown up clothes but I don't like it at all. While we were in line a mother/daughter duo behind us started gushing over the gorgeous outfit. The mother then asked if it was for my granddaughter. ~knock me over with a feather, I don't even have a grey hair~ The look on my face must have been something else because than her daughter chimes in "or for a friend". My cousin is killing herself laughing. We had a good giggle over it. When she was a babe and I was a teenager her mother was called Grandma as I was pushing the stroller. She's always been my baby.

Yesterday I stopped at the grocery store for a few things. I did not have my store card with me so gave them my phone number instead so I could get the sale prices (why do they do this??? I know, whole other rant.). Well, even though we changed our information at the store over a year and a half ago it has not been updated so I get thank you Mrs. K or thank you Inez. Apparently Inez still belongs to our number.

I am Inez. Inez the Grandmother.


  1. Isn't that the truth, Inez? Finding cute, but appropriate, outfits for CiBaby has been harder than I thought sometimes. Who dresses their baby like a skank? shesh.

  2. Well, Grandmother Inez, I hope the grey hair doesn't show up now that you have shared your secret identity with us. :) ITA, cute outfits can be a challenge to find.