Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holiday Weekend Hangover

Victoria Day long weekend has come and gone. With it came our traditional garden frenzy! This year more frantic than years past due to the fact that the Hero has been so busy and gone on way too many trips. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! It's like the world of fire rescue has come out of hibernation and they all want a piece of my Hero. Poor guy is running ragged. So with this being one of the few weekends that I had his full attention we worked like mad to get plants bought, soil prepped, pots filled, grass mowed, trampoline set up, bikes out of storage, etc, etc..... the list goes on. We made a big dent in out todos and we are both suffering for it. Me and my 90 year old body and the Hero with his knees made old too soon thanks to the thoughtfulness of a drunk driver.

At the end of the day we did manage to dump our dirt covered bodies into chairs on our front porch, have an Alley Kat Aprikat Ale (my new favorite treat) and a Steam Whistle for the Hero and enjoy our hard work.

My fellow green thumbs may be curious about our plant selection so I will list it below.

Shade garden (containers):

Fibrous Begonia Gum Drop Cherry Blossom
Nonstop Bright Rose Tuberous Begonia
Nonstop Yellow Tuberous Begonia
Double Impatiens with German Ivy in hanging baskets
silver nettle vine
baby bunny bellys (Trandescantia)
Tricolor sweet potato vine
chartreuse ipomoea
silver falls dichondra
wandering jew purple trandescantia
lucky oxalis
dolce creme brulee heuchera
sunset velvet oxalis
chenille plant
variegated lysimachia
(viola hederacea) tasmanian violet

Perennials already in shade bed:

Bleeding heart
Heuchera Coral Bells
Day Lily

Sun garden:
Rudbeckia Gloriosa Daisies
Sunflower Ring of Fire
Californian Poppy Apricot Chiffon
baby's breath (gypsophilia)
candy corn (manettia)vine
petit licorice (helichrysum petiolare)
variegated potato vine
mixed lettuce
canary creeper vine
miniature rose

We want to add some more perennials to our shade bed and we have bordered it with impatiens for the Hero's quick burst of instance gratification. (He has little patience for seeds) Still looking for another hanging basket for the porch, the NW side gets a bit more light than the front part of the porch. Tomato plants are still on my list to purchase and possibly some hanging baskets for the back if I get some hangers up.

It was a productive weekend. Add my first Iced Capp of the season and a family trip to DQ and it feels like summer is on it's way.


  1. Hurray for warmer weather and a nice holiday!!! Your gardens sound lovely and I thinking about your body and T's knees. Feel better soon!!!


    P.S. we'll need pictures, you know.

  2. Woo hoo, your gardens sound great! I'd love to see pix sometime. We've been busy in ours as well - with veggies going in this weekend.

  3. Sounds busy! and lovely.

  4. We need pictures!!! heeheehee

    Sounds lovely. Hope the bod is recovering!

  5. That's SOME hangover.