Friday, May 30, 2008

I feel like a man!

Wednesday morning (yeah I know I'm world's suckiest blogger but get over it) Turtle was in the upstairs bathroom, the Hero was in his office and I was in our little computer nook right across from the bathroom. I hear Turtle in there doing his normal grunts and moans that are part of his bathroom routine ever since the marble incident of March 07. After the grunts cease he exclaims loudly "I feel like a man!". Flushes, washes and skips out the door on his tiptoes dancing to some tune in his head. The Hero steps out of his office seconds later to be overcome by the fragrance wafting from the bathroom. He says "Did he do that?" I reply, "Yes and apparently he feels like a man!" The Hero laughs and I relay what I overheard. He says "No wonder he feels like a man when he smells like that!"


  1. I'm still laughing from when you told me this 2 nights ago ....

  2. I'm over it! kekeke

    And you smell like one too! Turtle, that is.

    ROTFLMAO (in silence, b/c otherwise CiBaby will wake up "Mom? Mom!") what a boy.

  3. Nothin' like a successful sit-down in the bathroom makes them feel quite so manly!

    Gotta love little boys!!!