Sunday, April 12, 2009

12 on the 12th

I had hoped to do a 12 in pictures this time but I haven't taken the time to learn our new camera so I'm afraid to take out the memory card. I know I'm a technotard ;). Maybe the Hero can help me out when he returns.

1. Watched Turtle and Iceman follow the clues to the Easter surprise.

2. Spent some time in reflection about Easter. We had our time with my family on Friday when we went for dinner and then attended Love According to John at the Jubilee.

3. Breakfast which included our traditional stootzing with the colored eggs.

4. Watched the kids play soccer with their new rebounder net.

5. Visited with my neighbor and came home with some tomato plants.

6. Discussed garden plans with the Hero.

7. Cooked Easter dinner- ham, asparagus, roasted baby potatoes and cheesecake.

8. Cleaned up from dinner, folded laundry.

9. Got the boys showered and into bed.

10. Hung out with La Diva.

11. Looked at square foot garden plans online.

12. Waiting for the Hero to return from a fire.

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