Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kodiak is turning into a bear

We've had temps from 9 - 15 Celsius this week which means that Kodiak has been in shorts all week. His legs will rarely see pants until about October. It would appear that over the winter his hormones have kicked in big time covering his legs with manly man hair instead of the boyish fuzz that used to be there. About a month ago he had to shave his upper lip for the first time too. It looks due for another pass of the razor. A month between shaves is probably not too serious but it's all too much for this Momma. My first born is seriously morphing from boy to man. I'm SO not ready for this.


  1. Uh Oh.... I can't believe how quick these kids are growing! Don't foget you can send him down under anytime!

  2. LOL about the manly man hair appearing over the winter.

  3. Wait til the day that Kodiak is towering over you - that's when the reality REALLY hits! I was watching Mr H & J-Man go up to receive Eucharist on Saturday night and realized that J-Man now has a good 5-6 inches even on Mr H! EEK