Monday, April 06, 2009


I just finished rolling about 50 meatballs. I made them rather large or I'd still be rolling. I have some pain in my right forearm, elbow shoulder today- fibro related but I have good energy today so I wanted to take advantage of that despite the discomfort. The crew were at my parents for half of spring break and when they returned yesterday they came with meat from my Uncle's farm. The packages of ground beef were huge and someone left 2 out for me to cook dinner with today. (We usually need 2 pkgs. of store bought ground beef for a meal so it was an honest mistake). Now I will be able to freeze several batches of meatballs for future meals.... yeah!

I've never followed a recipe when making meatloaf or ground beef and just kind of throw together what suits my fancy that day or what I have on hand. Today's batch consisted of onion soup mix, worcestershire, dijon, chopped garlic, a dollop of good horseradish, some seasoning, a couple of eggs and leftover basmati rice for binding.

Do you follow a recipe or throw it all together? Care to share your favorite combination? What kind of sauce do you like your meatballs in?

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  1. I never seem to have consistent luck with meatloaf if I don't follow some sort of basic recipe. One I've really enjoyed is the Stove Top Stuffing meatloaf recipe (but I usually only use half the box of stuffing because I think it's too much bread otherwise).

    When it comes to meatballs, I like to eat them as a meatball sub--just a jar of spaghetti sauce and simmer the meat balls and serve them on a yummy hoagie roll with provolone cheese. My family doesn't seem to like them so I don't get to enjoy it often.

    Sorry I'm not much help.