Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blog Envy

I recently stumbled onto Mrs Fussy Fussypants and her fabulous blogging friends. I've been reading many of the blogs by these remarkable women and suffering from blog envy. I'm awed by them. Not only are their blogs beautiful and fun to look at they are filled with faith, thought provoking bits, things that make you pee your pants laughing and of course every one of them seems to be more gorgeous than the next. With my blog envy has come a few moments of insecurity about how I must bore you all to tears with my sad attempts at blogging. However I've recovered from that and know that I will never be a professional blogger who is well known in the blogosphere. I will just be "me" boring you with my life, stories about the crew, gushes about the Hero, ramblings about life and faith. Hoping along the ride that I will inspire you, make you giggle or give you something to think about.


  1. I love your "boring" life, every day that I have known you has made me stronger and a better person. So, take that blogosphere!

  2. Awww dear friend you've made my day! Smooches, K