Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Week the Women Went

Kodiak, La Diva and I were watching the reality show "The Week the Women Went" last night. Kodiak says "Can you imagine if that happened in our town?". I said "You guys would be fine." He then remembered when I went to California for a week and his Dad held down the fort without trouble. La Diva says "Everyone would be asking Dad to babysit." Kodiak says, "No kidding."

I'm glad they recognize that their Dad is one in a million. He has always been very hands on with them from the time they were born. He was barely a grown up himself but he jumped right in and did all he could to be involved with them. He has always wanted to give his children what was missing from his own life- a real father figure, a Dad that was there and cared about every part of their life. He has done that in spades. The hardest part for him is having to be away from his family. Where most men relish that time away, he counts the days til he is home again. We are blessed that it only happens for short periods of time now. It was hard on all of us when he worked 15 or more days away from us. He misses us and we miss him.

Once again, we are so blessed!


  1. Yay to the Hero for being a real man! And yay to you and the crew for recognizing it!

    Sigh...I miss our time in CA. On a side note, I found a note your wrote to me right after that...wahhhh I wanna go back!

  2. It's true, he's a pretty awesome man.

  3. See now you can feel very comfortable about coming to see moi!!

    You are right the Hero is one in a million!