Monday, January 12, 2009

12 on the 12th

My dear friend, J9, is a talented and crafty woman. She had decided to do 12 on the 12th as one of her scrapbook challenges this year. She will take 12 pictures of her day on the 12th of each month and document them through her gift of scrapbooking. I am rather craft impaired and have not been able to jump into the crackbooking phenomena. I do think that her challenge is an awesome idea so I will try to rise to the challenge by blogging 12 things about my day on the 12th of each month. Be forewarned that it could induce a coma for boredom bwahahahaha.

January 12, 2009

1. Appointment with Dr. X for 2 hours. I had a victory today, I hope, in my communication with him and was able to listen to my own meditation music on my iPod rather than his TCM tape. I had a great time of prayer and just talking to God. I even had tears running down my face at one point and was at peace for the first time since I've started this form of alternative therapy for my torment. I hope that we had a breakthrough in our communication. He told a new patient that we were friends now because we worked together to help me in my healing. ;)

2. Came home and chilled for a bit. I'm supposed to take it easy the day of my treatment so I took advantage of that rule. I only threw in 1 load of laundry and made a strata for dinner tonight. Eventually I made it to the shower to rinse my hair as part of my treatment is a steam with herbal solution on my head. My hair is pretty sexy when I'm done with that. ;)

3. Cleaned out a terra cotta pot from a plant that the Hero killed on NYE because he was BBQing, it was sitting near the patio which was being open and closed in -35+ C weather. Then I attempted to make an arrangement with some silk flowers I have kicking around. I know there are some real haters when it comes to silk but the winter is looooooooooonnnngggg here and I'm not a millionaire who can have fresh flowers bi-weekly. After taking the Christmas decorations down the living room looks sparse. I got an awesome gift from the Hero for Christmas so we took down my picture wall so we could hang it. I love it (will post a picture later... we got a Rebel over the holidays and I am clueless how to operate the thing let alone upload..... stop laughing... I am really that technotarded).

4. Checked emails, read my blog subs and forums.

5. Had a moment with my Hero when he came home from a meeting *blush*

6. Talked to my kids about their school day.

7. Made lunches... blah... one of my least favorite chores.

8. Reviewed sight words with Turtle.

9. Read with Iceman.

10. Discussed La Diva's new psycho classmate..... UGH. Upside is that the class is so large with the influx of new students that they are splitting them into 2. She had the other teacher last year and I adore her so I'm fine whichever class she ends up in. Mrs. W will be her math teacher no matter which class she is in so that is a good thing because she totally preps those kids for junior high math.

11. Watched the Bachelor ( never watched it before last year and got hooked on Jason's story, yeah I know it's total trash TV) and waiting to watch 24... so happy that Jack is back!!

12. Hope to have a good sleep with no insomnia!

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