Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sleep... where r u??

I'm getting so tired of this insomnia kick I seem to be on of late. Tired... insomnia... late.....get it..... heh.... I told you I needed to sleep. I forgot to mention that Dr. X gave me some numbers to say randomly, when I get the urge... he said they would help when I can't sleep. I didn't really get it and forgot all about it until I was tossing and turning upstairs a few moments ago. So what numbers popped into my head??? 8675309......if you are old like me those numbers might trigger a memory for you. If you are young than fuhgettaboutit. lol Now I am not only battling insomnia but I have an earworm of Jenny rattling around in my head.

You are very welcome because I know you have that stuck in your head now too. :P


  1. I think those are the numbers that likely would have popped into my head too! Just goes to show you the power of music in your youth.

    I think I better go recheck Zachary's ipod...

  2. Ah yeah. Thanks a lot.

  3. Anonymous3:49 a.m.

    :) Fun!!!