Saturday, June 21, 2008

La Daredevil

La Diva had camp last week with her class for two days. The Hero went along as chaperone because they were doing all sorts of cool things that he used to do before he became the Hero to the crew. They had a blast and the only complaint was that it wasn't long enough. I tried to post this earlier but the wi-fi decided to have a fight with the Mac and the Hero was away so I had no patience to deal with it. I had orginally thought that I'd lost every thing but just today discovered that these pictures had actually loaded. W00T! Besides the suspension bridge and climbing wall they also did zipline, archery and horse back riding. I cannot believe how brave La Diva was. She tried everything without any of that "I'm scared" drama and loved it. She was one of only 3 people to make it to the top of the climbing wall not once but 3 times. Her BFF was the only other girl to join her in that feat. The Hero says that BFF is a natural born rockhopper and he can see these two taking up this sport if given half the chance. I'm so happy that La Diva had such a great time. It was really nice for the Hero to take a tiny break and go. He's been working way too hard and the boys overrun him at times so the father-daughter time was extra special. You would not believe the span of this suspension bridge. It was quite the stretch.

The climber.

Rockhoppers - La Diva (L) and her BFF (R)


  1. She is quite a dare devil! The course looks like an awesome time. I hope you had fun as well.

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  3. I bet T was in heaven and very proud!

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