Thursday, June 26, 2008

These things only happen to my Hero

Yesterday the Hero was meeting with someone at Starbucks, next to Fourbucks is FatBurger. It was a bit of a stormy day and suddenly there was a whoosing sound that was loud enough to draw people from the wi-fi and their decaf grande half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, cappucino, with a dash of cinnamon, one splenda and extra caramel drinks to the window. Mr. grande quad shot americano with room (aka my Hero) gets up to see what the fuss is about. He is shocked to find that the one and a half story inflatable fatburger has landed on top of our van!!! He is livid because the assistant manager is first avoiding him til he practically barges into the back demanding to speak to someone in charge and then is clueless as to how to handle this situation and has to wait til she calls her manager. Hero is less than pleasant because all he can see is a van buried under a burger with the antenna sticking out at a less than upright manner. The assistant manager finally gathers her wits and deflates the burger and the Hero takes it off of the van to find an antenna broken in half and some minor scratches on the top and worst of all that his just cleaned van is now filthy from the dirty burger. When he calls to share his bad luck with me my first question is "Did you get a picture?" He is less than amused with me and of course he doesn't carry a bleeping camera around with him. I desperate for documentation call the Starbucks to see if any of the employees by chance photographed this spectacle. They think someone may have, I leave my email for the pics but have yet to receive any. By the time my Hero contacted the head office of FatBurger he was in better humor. They didn't quite know what to do with him when he said that one of their FatBurgers landed on his van. The president of the Canadian arm was out of town but is supposed to be calling him back. He was assured that they would take care of the damages. I'll let you know how that goes. I'm just disappointed I don't have a picture to share with y'all.

Have a great long weekend (sort of long for us Canucks with Canada Day falling on a Tuesday)! Beware of the flying inflatables.


  1. You've got to be kidding me. Hero's CrackBerry doesn't have a freaking CAMERA?!

  2. oh that is too funny!

    I hear that fatburger is amazingly good. Do you recommend it? Should I just park far away from any flying, inflatable burgers?

  3. Hello?!?! Hasn't the Hero learned after how many years he needs to have a camera on his person at all times??? Whatevah. ;-)

  4. That is hilarious. I so want to see pictures! That is the kind of crazy you can't even make up!