Wednesday, June 11, 2008

La Diva plays Clymont Hall

La Diva has been taking piano for a few years now.  It's not always been a full year as piano teachers are hard to come by and our gypsy tendencies have thrown a wrench in that quest from time to time.  Last year we tried a group situation and it was a disaster.  We were so discouraged.  This year she had the most phenomenal teacher and grew so much.  She made her way completely through one book and half way into another which is unheard of in her musical pursuits thus far.  She lives up to her name and has natural ability which makes me so happy.  I come from a very musical family, on my Dad's side. Sadly that talent has eluded me (despite years of lessons) I'm thrilled that La Diva has the gift and the desire to pursue it.  She aspires to be a music teacher at the moment.

On Monday night she played The Mermaid and The Bubble.  Here she is:

She had a great audience with her BFF, us (sans the soccer star, Kodiak), Grandma and Poppa, Auntie, cousin and her BF there to support her.  Grandma and Poppa surprised her with a bouquet of roses.  She felt very much the concert pianist that night.


  1. she did so good - I'm getting all teary' eyed...and she's not even mine ..... ;) Tell her I'm very proud of her!
    You could tell she was nervous tho' - she didn't smile when she got up ... she was in such a hurry to get off the stage b/c of the nerves I bet ... little doll' - tell her I wish I could have been there ....
    But I was cheering for Kodiak!!!
    hugs to all

  2. That was so great!!!

  3. Congratulations Lemon! You looked and sounded lovely. I am so very impressed!