Monday, July 07, 2008

How is this possible? My first baby is one step closer to becoming a man. I do not know how we got here, it just doesn't seem possible that the years have flown by so fast. I'm still processing this and have been in denial these weeks leading to Kodiak's birthday. I'll share more about my wonderful boy later. Happy Birthday Kodiak! You are an amazing young man and I'm so very proud to be your Mom.


  1. Happy Birthday Kodi! I can't believe you're a teenager now! Let the good times roll.

    big hugs,
    Auntie Rena

    P.S. don't be too hard on your parents, they do know a thing or two about life. I know that's hard to see as a teen, but us old folks have "been there, done that," as much as we sometimes hate to admit.

  2. Just think, in few years it will be TWO teenagers!

    Happy Birthday Kodiak! Make your Mama proud!

  3. Anonymous7:29 p.m.

    Hold onto your hats and bring on the gray hairs! Yeeeeeeee - HA!

    Happy Birthday Kodiak!