Sunday, July 27, 2008


We had a lovely "honeymoon" in Cowtown. Spent some time in the malls, cruising old haunts and marvelling at all the changes in the area that was home for over a decade, a trip to Peter's Drive-In (we reminisced about all the pregnancy cravings for banana chocolate shakes that were satisfied by a trip here and I was stung by a bee!!!), dinner with friends and visiting many of the fire halls in the surrounding district (the Hero had to do some work afterall and I had to drool.... er..... marvel at how young the firefighters are getting). Freedom was contained by the kennel (she is a Houdini when it comes to escaping) and appeared to be no worse for her time away from us.

Upon arriving home we quickly unpacked, threw on some wash and headed out to meet up with friends for a movie- Get Smart. The funniest movie we have seen in a long while. We are huge Steve Carrell fans and enjoyed this one very much. We will be looking forward to it on DVD and are sure it will become the new go to comedy for laughs.

Today we went to the "Taste of ...." festival in the big city and enjoyed lots of yummy food from various restaurants. My cousin and her BF joined us and we took in another movie (we are wild and crazy without our crew at home) compliments of some passes they had. It was Step-Brothers with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Those 2 together make for a lot of stupid humor and pushing the envelope. There were definitely some laughs but a few too many F-bombs. I left the movie with the question, like I do every Will Ferrell movie, "Why doesn't he do something about those teeth?" LOL

It sounds like we won't see our crew back til Tuesday as they want to celebrate Poppa's birthday with him tomorrow. Iceman's big day is on Thursday so this week will be a busy one. He's requested a fishing trip out to Great Uncle's pond complete with a campfire and S'mores.

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  1. Sounds like you and T are having so much fun together... and you guys deserve it!

    We have not managed to catch a movie on dvd even since Christmas!