Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mid-life Crisis???

It's my Hero's birthday today, he's thirtysomething. I love and appreciate him so much. He has this wonderful ability to turn the most stressful situation into laughter. He is so charismatic and engaging that he just draws people right in. He likes to say that he hates people and thats why he doesn't have friends. The truth is he is a great friend and what he hates is the nuances and drama that can come with being a friend. He's a tell it like it is sort of guy and he will usually do just that. He will deal with a conflict or difficult situation, speak his peace and then he's done with it. He'll go out for lunch or wings and a beer (most likely a diet coke as he's not much of a drinker) with you minutes after a disagreement and for him things are done. He's had some crappy stuff happen in his life but he doesn't use it as an excuse to wallow or play victim... he just finds a learning experience in it all and moves on. I think part of his tough sell is his protection from all that he has seen and endured in his life. He has been involved in emergency services in some capacity or another for over 20 years and has seen more awful things than the average joe could imagine or endure. He's a phenomenal father and an amazing husband. I'm proud to call him mine. Happy Birthday Sweetie! Thanks for being you and keeping me laughing.


  1. Happy birthday T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CzaMama, who's really wondering if it's not an identity crisis instead of a mid-life crisis, but particularily loves the fact that there's hair on the upper chest of that very curvy wo/man! kekeke

  2. Happy Birthday T!

    They say a picture paints a 1000 words and that one sure does!

    Thank you for all you do to serve your community. I know it is often tough and you cop a lot of flack at times. But be rest assured without you I am sure life would be a lot worse for many people!

    Thank you also for being the rock of a dh to my dear friend. She is one in a million (as I am sure you know!)

    Have a great day celebrating being 30 something!!


    PS I may just have to listen to the crazy canadian accent that is saved on my answer phone to celebrate with you!

  3. Anonymous4:17 p.m.

    Happy Birthday Hero!

    Glad to see you're keeping the bod in proper shape. This fortysomething has pretty much given up, LOL

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Happy birthday, T! Gotta work harder to keep that girlish figure as the years go by, huh?

    I hope it was a wonderful day!