Monday, August 18, 2008

Hazzard County Days

This weekend was Hazzard County's version of a fair.  It consisted of a pancake breakfast, a parade, a giant junk sale down main street, garage sales around town, ball, beer gardens, a petting zoo, some throw/kick the ball type games for kids, wagon rides, a bench show and fireworks.  It was pretty lame even for this town.  

I had fond memories of the agricultural show growing up so I encourage Kodiak and La Diva to participate in the Bench Show.  Sadly it was a very poor showing of participants but I think it was still a good experience for them.  Kodiak submitted photography in 12 of the teen categories, I believe he was the only entrant but was judged according to the criteria and did not just receive ribbons for every entry because he was the only one.  He placed first with the following pictures: 

He place second with these pictures: (missing an action shot of the Turtle playing soccer which is not on this computer)

and third with these: The first 3 were part of a group of 3 flowers for 1 entry.

La Diva submitted 4 entries and won first for Ruffled Skirt:
 and 3rd for Best Friend:

They were pleased with their winnings and it was a good experience despite the lack of competition.  We hosted a parade watching morning at our home as the parade route had changed to go right past the front of the house this year.  It was a relaxing weekend for the most part and we managed to survive the heat.


  1. Congratulations Kodiak and La Diva!~ Lovely photos.

    And heeelllllooooo Bubbles!

  2. Yah for Kodiak and La Diva. The pictures you shared are amazing!

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  4. Lovely work! Congratulations to your budding photogrpahers!