Thursday, August 14, 2008

I *heart* my front porch

I love my front porch. I've always wanted a front porch. We created a front patio in the last house we owned because we wanted one so badly. The one redeeming feature about our current home is the front porch. In fact, I think it was the porch that swayed me to say yes to a place that was smaller than we were used to, attached to a neighbor and in a town that had little to offer our family. This is our 3rd summer with our front porch. It has become a peaceful little haven for us and brings many hours of solitude, laughter, quiet company or a place to enjoy the company of friends.

We can be secret voyeurs of our neighborhood if we sit in certain chairs on the porch due to the planter boxes and hanging baskets or we can be active in the happenings of our street, waving hello or chatting with those that go by. The Hero built me a fountain this year which pleasantly drowns out any noise I don't wish to hear. The beautiful mature trees in our front yard provide us with shade during a hot summer day and shelter from winds on more miserable days. The Hero and I spend many evenings on our safe little haven. We are thankful to have a place of reflection and solitude, as well as, one of gathering and laughter.


  1. I love your front porch too !

    We've had a mild August & I've noticed people sitting on their front porches.

  2. What a beautiful front porch! I love seeing things that I have imagined over the years! Please keep sharing

  3. Anonymous11:05 p.m.

    I want to spend an evening on that front porch with you!! It's beautiful! I'm with's neat to see something you imagine ;) You do great work. Go Canada!! Now come to Colorado and grow flowers for the Jackson's!