Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

It's hard not to think of Earth day today as I look out my window to see the tree branches blowing about and a near foot of snow out my door. We've had spring snowstorms in the past but they were never like this... lasting days and making it all feel like winter again. I'd post a picture but our new camera is stuck en route somewhere in a UPS truck, delayed due to the treacherous road conditions I'm sure.

This is one of the most sensible articles I've read on "going green".

Our children were supposed to be doing a school yard clean up today but the garbage is now buried under the snow. I hope they will reschedule. It's unfortunate because we live on the street that also has the 2 schools for our town and the garbage from these kids blows into our yard constantly.

I know that there is alot more that my own family could be doing but for now we are doing the best we can. A few of the things we do:

  • changed out all our lightbulbs years ago
  • recycle some things
  • donate reusable items that we no longer have a need for
  • support farmer's markets and buy local when possible
  • maintain our vehicles
  • use resusable bags as much as I can- I have a resistant Hero but that is not without reason and a rant for another day
  • minimize the disposable packaging in our children's lunches
  • repurpose things like coffee to go lids and other "garbage" for crafts, draining medium in planters, etc
  • use our own water bottles and coffee to go cups as much as possible, note to self find a different solution for our BPA filled water bottles *sigh*
  • use phospate free laundry detergent, hang to dry when possible, have a front loader washer
  • use eco friendly cleaning products or homemade solutions
  • use a bagless vacuum
  • read daily newspaper online
  • culled many magazine subscriptions, pass along the ones we have to friends, school, etc
  • shut off lights
  • keep temperature down and wear layers

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  1. Thanks for posting that article! I think more people need to see this instead of most of the "green" articles that are out there.

    Happy Earth, albet snow-covered, day!