Monday, April 07, 2008

The Plague

Sorry I've been MIA. Wednesday I thought I was going to die! I cannot remember being so weak in my life, except maybe when I was starting to pass out during the labor of one of my precious children. I had the flu and it took every ounce of my strength to make my way to the bathroom rather than just giving up and letting myself lay..... tmi alert........... in my own body fluids. It was awful and when I wasn't in the bathroom I was dying in bed. I've had moments of energy and even left the house a time or two since then but I end up with some hour or hours of the day feeling like total crap... pun intended. Luckily the crew went to my parents for spring break. I cannot imagine having to contend with anyone during this plague. The Hero did his best to be compassionate and loving and not a complete pita. Lucky for him because he's been hit with smaller doses of my plague since then.

I'm still not feeling up to par. Flu + fibro flare = my own personal hell on earth. I'm trying not to whine and succeeding for the most part. I probably wouldn't have even posted about it but I figured that this was the best way to reach the masses... all 7 of you that read my blog ;).... to account for my absence or sporadic popping into the places I love on the www.

It was nice to have the family all together last night. It was starting to get a little quiet around here.... I know hard to believe with the Hero but even Freedom was getting ready to run away from home. We are used to our crazy, busy house full of noise and I missed my non hairy snuggles!


  1. That sucks. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Sure you have not been visiting HGW? Sorry you have been / still are feeling like crap. Been thinking of ya heaps!! Mwah

  3. I was going to say the same thing as J9...hanging out with HGW, are we?

    Sending lots of healing thoughts your direction!

  4. kerry.....i can sooooo identify with you. I have fibro, ms & i had the flu in january. I thought surely it would be better if i could just DIE!! It is slowly getting better though. It just takes time. And, unfortunately I am not a patient person! I read about you on EW. I am here if you need an ear, a shoulder, someone who REALLY understands!!

  5. Thanks for the support ladies. Love ya bunches.

    Mzzterry... I will be talking with you in the future for sure. Thanks for the generous offer to lend a been there ear. So appreciated!