Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chipotle Tamale Pie

picture from Food Network
Tonight I made Chipotle Tamale Pie. I saw Ingrid on Steven and Chris last week and thought it looked delicious. I made a few modifications:
- doubled the recipe due to the family size and my desire for some leftovers;
- I also subbed ground beef for turkey. At almost $7 for a pound of ground chicken or turkey it wasn't happening; and
- cornbread mix is not something I've ever seen in the Great White North so I made mine from scratch.
When I make it again I will reduce the chipotle factor because my younger 2 found it a bit too spicy. I served it with a simple green salad. I found that the mixture alone sprinkled on my green salad was just as delicious as my slice with cornbread topping.
Leftover tip: chop iceberg lettuce, warm slice of tamale pie then crumble, toss with lettuce and Old El Paso Toppers Zesty Ranch. Delicioso!!

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