Monday, March 03, 2008

Through Kodiak's Eyes

Kodiak is our budding photographer. His camera, a hand me down from us, is never far from his reach. He pours over magazines and books with photography and about photography. He hopes to own a "really cool camera" one day soon.
On a totally unrelated note he was invited to his first junior high boy-girl party this year. His little brothers have teased him without mercy. His only qualifier for attending is that he is giving her money because well..... any other gift would allow people to think he actually cares about his sweet girl. ;P lol One step closer to the best hyphenated last name in the history of the world..... *sniff* my baby is growing up.


  1. Lovely Shots. No 2 is my favourite! I have a little girl here who needs some creative pics done... care to ship him?

    Definately need more details about the dance AND the girl!

  2. heheheeee...GIRLS! Kidoaik does indeed have a nice eye for photos, Lemon looks positivly elvish in that one!

  3. Kidoaik? Let's all just pretend I can type.

  4. Great, great photos!

    Can't wait to hear about the dance!

  5. I love seeing the world through his eyes. Great pics too! I hope the dance goes well.