Friday, March 07, 2008

My lazy day, don't wanna cook, go to

I love watching Paula Deen. Her accent makes me giggle. She cooks with real food and she eats it with the joy that I do. A few weeks ago I saw an episode dedicated to brunch/breakfast type foods. Drooling, I went on the hunt for the Potato Crusted Ham Quiche recipe. The first night I decided to make it I did not have the proper ingredients. I used frozen hashbrowns in place of the potatoes, I omitted the peppers because some of my kids curl their nose at them, I did not have ham so I used a couple of cans of crab meat and a 4 cheese mix in place of the cheddar and gouda. I'm a rebel with most recipes. Last night I made it with real shredded potatoes (definitely better than the hashbrown cubes) and subbed in turkey bacon, mozza and imperial cold pack sharp cheddar.

It is an easy dish no matter what ingredients you have on hand. It makes a great dinner when you forgot to defrost something or need an easy dish. Let me know what combinations you come up with.

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  1. I love Paula Dean...I call her the Butter Queen, b/c she always seems to use an entire stick of butter in everything she makes. YUM!

    Thanks for the recipe! I bet CiBaby would love any combo!