Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm begging you....

....please, please, PLEASE when you are setting your clocks ahead this weekend check your smoke detectors to insure that they are in working order.

If you don't have a smoke detector please go and get one. Can't afford one? Call your local fire department and ask if they have a program to provide them. If they don't they can send you to someone who does. You seriously cannot afford NOT to have one. Give up that coffee, pop, junk food, smokes, magazine, heck don't eat for a day if you have to....please just get one and maintain it.

Don't know where to put it, what to buy then check out the information here or here.

Wondering why I felt the need to post this please read this story or this tragic story.

Please be smart and be safe.


  1. Thanks for the reminder. We checked ours recently but I'm wondering if we should get new ones. They are hardwired and I saw a segment on the news this morning that said you should replace them every 5-6 years. What would the Hero say to that?

  2. Thanks for the reminder. We do our best to check ours on the 1st of every month and always have new batteries on hand. We just got a new CO detector yesterday, so checked the smoke detectors again. I'm also curious about how often smoke detectors should be replaced.

  3. The manufacturer's recommendation for replacing smoke detectors, battery or hardwired, is every 10 years. The Hero said most FDs would recommend every 5 and he agrees;).

    In regards to the CO detector, you may already know this but make sure it is mounted low to the ground not up on the ceiling like a smoke detector.

  4. Thanks!

    Have you seen those new dual smoke and CO detectors? That seems so retarded since they should be placed in opposite areas.

  5. Those dual ones are completely stupid. Talk about a false sense of security. Carbon monoxide is heavy and collects close to the ground whereas smoke rises. A stupid marketing ploy that shouldn't be passed by the safety councils as far as I'm concerned.