Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finally some relief

I think I've found something to help me get through this horrible bouts with pain. I pop Aleve Liquid Gels and they take the edge off, anything stronger makes me a stoned Zombie. I'm so thankful for my cross border connections and there is no way I'd be coping without this stuff. However, it helps but there is still that mind numbing pain. Last weekend we were at some friends for dinner and she put some Gardener's Dream Cream on my shoulder, which was killing me after a fall, the relief was nearly instant. Finally... yes I'm slow sometimes... it dawned on me that this could help the rest of my pain. Thankfully they carry it at our local pharmacy so the Hero ran over Friday and picked it up. I've been able to function much better since then.


  1. So glad you have found something to relieve your pain!! Yah

  2. Glad you're feeling better!! I enjoy reading your blog!

    ~ Cyn <3